Every Person Has Been Created With A God-shaped Vacuum That Can Only Be Filled By Having A Personal Relationship With God Through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Jesus died for our sins on the cross and conquered sin and death by rising from the dead. This sacrifice is the only means of our rescue and new life with God, which is freely given to all who trust in Him.

Through Jesus, we can experience both forgiveness and healing by "crossing the line of faith." To do this you simply put your faith in Jesus (believe), turn from a self-centered life to God (repent), and accept the free gift of grace.

If you have never taken that step, why not now? The following prayer may be used as a guide for you to express your heart’s desire to God.


Dear God.

I believe in You
I believe that Jesus died for me.
I know I have sinned and I want forgiveness.
I want to be rescued from my old life.
I want to experience a new life with You.
Thank you for dying for me.
Thank you for raising up from the grave.
From this moment on I want to be yours!

If you prayed this prayer today, we'd love to celebrate with you.

Next Steps

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