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We have seasonal classes to help you develop your faith.

From Bible study, to relationship help there is something for everyone in all stages of the Christian journey. Sign up for the class that best helps with the need you have. If you have questions where to start here are some ideas. Victory’s Growth Track is designed to give you the tools to grow and mature in your walk with Jesus.

Develop Your Faith

Growth Track

  • 01


    Helps you understand the spiritual significance of believer’s baptism and prepares you to take that initial next step in your spiritual journey.

  • 02

    faith roots

    Developing healthy spiritual habits such as reading scripture and praying are essential to growing deep roots of faith that will sustain you through the storms of life.

  • 03

    learn to study the bible

    Practical ways to grow deeper in your understanding of God’s Word and its transformative application to your life.

Next Steps

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