Grow your skills while you grow God’s Kingdom.

Starting out in full-time ministry without direct experience is hard.

Remember learning to ride your bike? Or going on a first date? Or sharing your testimony?
Some things can only be learned through direct experience. Sure, you can watch YouTube videos or talk with friends about it, but eventually you just have to do it. And you have to do it more than once to get good at it.

Ministry is the same way. You’ve trained for full-time ministry but don’t have day-to-day experience. Being a resident intern is an effective (and fun) way to get the experience you need.

It’s time to take the training wheels off and ride. The goal of our resident internship program is to develop emerging church leaders for a lifetime of ministry significance.

Benefits From A Resident Internship:

Meaningful Experience

Coffee may very well be part of your ministry experience ☕, but we’re not inviting you here to make it or deliver it. The same goes for making copies or shoveling sidewalks.

Obviously, you should come with a servant heart toward all tasks, but we will give you significant responsibilities. You will be generating ideas and contributing to new initiatives. You will be doing ministry.

Never doubt that you will make a difference as an intern.

Continued Learning

From your very first day, you’re considered a full team member. We will serve and grow together 🙏.

You’ll learn organically through books, devotions, prayer, and relationships. You’ll also gain new skills through formal staff development and monthly staff meetings. You’ll regularly meet with leaders and ministry teams.

We purposefully keep our residency program small so we can invest in your personal and spiritual development.

Impressive Resume

Even before your residency is finished, you’ll be listening for the Spirit to guide you to what’s next. We want to prepare you for whatever and wherever that is.

Victory’s interns are recruited by churches ⛪across the nation (and beyond). The experience you’ll gain is so valuable to you and to your future church home. When you’re done here, you’ll be confident, job-ready, and sought after.

And being on staff at Victory is fun 🎉.

Becca, Student Ministry Intern

I wasn’t ready to jump into full time ministry right out of college. I wanted to gain some more experience living in a city and working with people who are a mix of ages. Being an intern meant starting a new life, in a new state, living with a new family. I learned to adapt. I learned to try new groups and to say “yes” to meaningful friendships and mentorships. And even though I was young, I know I had an impact on those around me. Victory is a great place to get a well-rounded feel for ministry!

Life-Changing Power

You’re already committed to proclaiming the life-changing power of Jesus and making fully devoted followers of Him.
We can give you the experience you need to do ministry with confidence.


[Statistics are Pre-COVID]

Steve Dunmire, Victory’s Lead Pastor

We host internships and resident internships because we want to help young leaders grow, and set them up for future fruitful ministry in the years to come. We want to help those who serve with us to leave with a greater sense of clarity around your calling. Every person’s first few years in ministry are seasons of rapid learning, so we want Victory to be a place where someone can experience that kind of rapid learning in the context of a team that wants you to succeed, and wants to invest in you.

how to become an intern at victory

submit an application

Click the “Apply to Become a Resident Intern” button to download the Resident Internship Application. Submit it, along with a cover letter, resume, photo, and a 1-minute video explaining why you want to be a resident intern at Victory.

be accepted into the next group

If selected, you will participate in an interview where both of us make sure this is a good fit. If accepted, we’ll agree on a start date. For Resident Interns, your start date is typically in the fall.

participate in life-changing ministry

You’ll be a key part of the day-to-day ministry of Victory — ministering to our attenders and our community through weekly staff tasks, daily prayer, staff meetings, and more.

Brady, Victory Campus Pastor

It can be stressful finding a place to do your internship. There are so many stories of people having bad experiences, being burned out, over used, under appreciated, or put in positions were they just weren’t thriving. At Victory, I experienced none of those issues during my internship.

Victory is a safe place to learn, ask questions, and get involved in multiple forms of ministry. All of this is crucial when looking for a great internship experience.

Even though it is a big church, there is still a sense of family amongst the staff and the congregation. That’s one of the reasons my wife and I said “yes” to the opportunity to remain on staff and become Victory’s first Campus Pastors.

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