Victory Highway Wesleyan Church | Welcome
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Victory is a community of regular people whose lives have been transformed by Jesus. We are all works in progress, and as we continually trust in Jesus, he is faithful and active in our daily lives.


We believe that Jesus cares about you, and that he has the power to change your life, too.


No matter what you believe or what you’ve done, we want you to know – you are welcome here. Victory is a place for you! Dress however you are comfortable.

Sunday mornings are our favorite part of the week. Every Sunday at Victory:

Someone will pray and say hello.

Our band will play some music. It’s great.

We’ll receive Communication Cards and give people a chance to give. If you are a guest, please feel no obligation to give.

One of our pastors will share a message.

After about an hour, the service will be over. If you have any questions about anything that happened, swing by Guest Services in the lobby. The friendly people there can answer any questions you have!

On Sundays, we also have fun, engaging environments especially designed for your children and students where they can grow in their next steps with Jesus.

Still have questions? We’d love to answer any questions you may have.